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Xindi team members to Buddhism volunteer activities

Time: 2018-01-30
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        The December 8th of lunar month is the Laba Rice Porriage festival in China, which is also called Dharma Day, with the purpose to commemorate Shakya Muni becoming Buddha. It was a Chinese traditional festival to worship our ancestors for a bountiful harvest and health in the coming year, and most Chinese people would like to eat rice porridge together this day. All Xindi staff and family members started for a volunteer journey to Putuo Guanyin Temple in Huizhou and pray for good luck in 2018.

        In the early morning, all members got together to visit Putuo Temple with full of pious thanksgiving and excited feelings. After 2 hours driving, a bright lake came into our sight, the Putuo Temple situates in the centre of surrounded lake and mountains. Bring into the Grand Mall, we were praying to Buddha and chanting scriptures with respect of faithful hearts during the whole praying time, meanwhile, we wish all happiness and joys pass on to human beings and every life around us.

        After delicious vegetarian diets lunch, it's time to clean up the Temple. Each one was voluntarily turning up their sleeves, picking up mop and rag to clean all places like the Grand Mall, Guanyin Temple, Dining Hall, Kitchen, in which you could see our Sunkin members with positive hard working. 

With our solidarity and cooperation, every corner and glass were cleaned spotless and bright.  We deeply thank to this volunteer activities that we gain pleasures by return when we dedicate others with selfless contribution.

       In the sunset of the day, Xindi team finished the volunteer activity successfully. Wish the world peaceful and all people joyful in the new year! Wish the business of Xindi Technology is booming in 2018 with the great efforts of all members! Wish everyone takes more fortune and wisdom in studying Buddhist principles !

Here, let us take a look at the pictures in this activity:

Sunkin team members to Buddhism volunteer activities

Sunkin team members to Buddhism volunteer activities

Sunkin team members to Buddhism volunteer activities

Sunkin team members to Buddhism volunteer activities

Sunkin team members to Buddhism volunteer activities

Sunkin team members to Buddhism volunteer activities

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