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Brief: With the most innovative GPS technology to detect speed traps, this device can help drivers works safely and avoid fine tickets. 100% Legal !Comply with CE,RoHS and Emark . FEATURES:•  LCD screen display the real drive speed, time, date, distance, directions and more •  Real voice system to alarm • Quickly track and locate surrounding cameras even in high-density •  The inside lithium-ion battery can work consecutively 8 house before recharge •  Enormous capacity for the GPS data, up to 100,000 locations•  Body size: 99 x 66 x 24mmPacking includes:1 x GPS speed camera warning system 1 x USB charging and data cable 1 x mini USB charger 1 x magic planet 1 x user's manualwill upload datasheet soon.
Brief: This system comes with 4 screw-on sensors and a cigarette plug display which shows in real time the current tyre pressures of all 4 tyres in PSI format in a circular scrolling motion. The big difference from other systerm is this unit has 2 USB with 3.1Amp for charging purpose to your tablets or smart phone.All sensors come pre- paired to the correct wheel position and are labelled for easy installation, simply replace your current valve cap with this small sensors and then lock in place with the provided lock nut and tool if required. Once a tyre pressure drops below or raises above the recommended level, the display will emit an audible Be-Be-Be and visual warnings. This product is suitable for vehicles with Maximum tyre pressure of 3.3 Bar/47 PSI. If your vehicle has tyre pr...
Brief: Tire pressure monitoring system, referred to as(TPMS), use for real-time automatic monitoring of tire pressure and temperature, advance warning of the dangerous state of the flat tire and low pressure, high pressure, high temperature to ensure road safety Sunkin: We are forward-looking and focus convenient and practicality as starting point to provide a high quality wireless tire pressure monitoring systems TPS10.  · Waterproof hat sensor” compared with the conventional · TPMS it has the advantage of easy to install and easy to replace battery.· 4-8 tires instantaneous pressure monitoring, accuracy + - 0.07BAR. · Automatic wake-up function in the vehicle moves · Preset high and low tire pressure alarm functio...
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