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Brief: ULP03 will be presented to the public in 2013 during the Hannover Cebit show. This low profile USB wall charger has been created in order to reduce electrical mess at home or in office. This design results from observation. Nowadays everybody use plenty of USB powered devices, and each device is usually sold with its own USB wall charger. As a consequence, we usually have a complete mess on our power strip. ULP03 replaces those different USB wall charger adopting a low profile especially designed to fit british power strips. With its handle, ULP01 is easy to remove.CE, RoHS and BS1363 compliancePatent Protected Feature:UK AC MAINS PLUG / USB CHARGER ADAPTER FOR MP3 IPOD PDA. •Small exquisite appearance and self recover safety function. •With handle design. •...
Brief:Bluetooth smart LED light --not only saving energy ,also give you convenient and modern life!Smart LED controlled by Bluetooth with built-in remote management lighting software. (Picture: Products, analog cell phones and remote control relationship between the products.) 1.Saving 90% energy than traditional2.256 different color and lighting level can be controlled from your smart phones (Apple and Android O.S)3.It only supports 4.0 bluetooth or above Feature:1.Saving energy ,start green life from your house !The smart Led equal 10 percent of normal light consumption, it is the way to save your money.2. Turn on and off like this:Without traditional switch ,the smart LED can be controlled by bluetooth (smart phones ) up to 30 meters,no need leave your warm bed if you forget c...
Brief:his underwater light show starships for Pools and Spas floats on the water and with its built in lights illuminates the water underneath it creating a disco ball effect in the water. This underwater light show starship has 10 different light shows: Colours flash randomly, Colours rotate and flash randomly, Two colours flash together, All colours rotate and two flash, together, Colours fade from one to the next, Colours rotate and fade from one to the next, All colours stay on continuously, All colours rotate and stay on continuously, Cycles randomly through non-rotating shows, Cycles randomly through rotating shows, This Starship also has a timer built in so it can be set to go off after 1, 2 or 3 hours. The starship is approximately 19cm (7½") in diameter and 15 cm (6"...
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